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Microchipping: The New Law for all UK Dogs

Animal health certificate (AHC)

Heath Vets wholeheartedly supports the Government’s new compulsory microchipping law for all dogs in England.

If a puppy is not microchipped within eight weeks of its birth owners are given a 21-day notice to get their dog chipped, after which they will receive a £500 fine. 

Microchipping is a quick procedure in which a small chip, about the size of a grain of rice, is injected between a dog’s shoulder blades. Each tiny chip has an individual number, which relates to the contact details of the owner. This information is stored on an approved database. The microchip can be scanned by local authorities and veterinary clinics if necessary.

This near painless procedure, similar to a dog receiving a routine vaccination has many benefits for dogs and owners. In addition to deterring theft and puppy farming, microchipping will enable a swift return of lost dogs to their owners, thus relieving the burden on local animal charities. Microchipping will also allow easier identification and the consequent arrest of repeat animal cruelty offenders. 

Heath Vet’s story of Jasper, a dog who was stolen in October 2014, highlights the importance of microchipping. Jasper, a one-year-old Whippet, was reunited with his owner by Heath Vets six months later and 100 miles south of his home. If Jasper had not been microchipped by his owner, they may never have been reunited.

An Amazing story which demonstrates the importance of microchipping your dog

​Sarah Solomon, Practice Director, says:

“We are incredibly pleased that this legislation has been passed and are hoping that it will increase the responsible ownership of pets. Microchipping is included free of charge in our HeathCare Plan.

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